News from VBTS

basic engineering in Kent

VBTS has done the basic engineering for an AD plant in Kent (UK)

New building procedure for fermenters put to the test – patent registered

Our partner Stowasser Bau GmbH has further developed the construction of fermenters. The advantages are clear: with bioreactor units made of steel fibre concrete with a height of 1m to 12m, a wall thickness from 0.1m to 0.3m and an inside diameter from 1m to 50m the following savings can be made: 
 25% of the wall thickness
 34% of the steel quantity
 20% of the construction time
 30% of the labour time 

Basic Engineering and offer for 2 cattle farms in Croatia

In a close working together VBTS designed two AD plants at cattle farms in Croatia

Biogas plants for poultry owners

A further development of biogas plants for poultry owners is underway. The complex treatment of chicken manure is functional for feedstock quantities under 70% even without the stripping process.